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November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is an interesting article from Onstartups / Hubspot on Recruitment for Startups. I too share their thought and ideas.

In my experience I had offered my services to MNCs and Startups.  I had very good success with Cisco – Chennai, (previously Scientific Atlanta), because they know very clearly what they want and how to evaluate candidates.

  • What kind of people I want to recruit? – A tech geek or a specialist or a generalist?

If you are not funded then the best thing will be “start with something minimal”, so recruit an ordinary person with some common skill. I always hear I want a wonderful person to recruit from my clients. If you are an extraordinary person you should recruit an ordinary person.

I would like to share an interesting experience when I was working with Future Software now called Aricent. A candidate to be  interviewed and my PM who agreed to interview him could not spare his time.  So I checked with all the PMs, Managers but only my GM – Engineering could spare time to interview him.

After he interviewed the candidate he told me that technically he has to learn but he is very passionate about telecom domain.  The  GM informed the candidate to prepare technically and come after 2 weeks. Like this he interviewed him 3 or 4 times, asking him to prepare again and again before taking him onboard.  After 2 years that person was selected as best employee among 60+ members department.

The human mind is like a seed or rather like a volcano.  No one really knows what it is inside or when it will be ignited!

Based on comments on feedback will be continued 😉


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