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RedBus – Riding RedBus with a Mouse Click (Bangalore, India)

SafeMed – Lifesaving Answers in Seconds (San Diego, USA)

Chitika – Connecting Brands, Bloggers & Buyers (Boston, USA)

Kaboodle – In The Cutting Edge (Silicon Valley, USA)

Cucumba – Resurgence of Stressed Out Souls (London, UK)


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India’s first-of-its-kind online bus travel portal was extensively supported by TiE Bangalore. This led to the birth of a new industry with redBus enabling passengers to select seats from digital layout and choose from multiple travel operators to pay online using secure payment gateway. This eager start-up company is pioneering a revolution on the roads at the click of a mouse involving search technologies and an entrepreneurial drive that helps offline deliveries.

You can book bus tickets online or over mobile phone and even get home delivery. Booking is possible at over 30,000 plus outlets with over 250 bus travel operators covering over 3600 routes across India and this is growing! Return reservation and cancellation online are also part of the facility offered in 6 languages.

During Diwali 2006 – the festival of lights, when all flat mates went home, Phanindra Sama of Texas Instruments desperately tried to find a bus that would take him to Hyderabad with no success. This was a major driving factor for Phanindra to launch the portal redBus.in along with his BITS-Pilani friends Sudhakar Paspunuri at IBM and Charan Padmaraju in Honeywell. Over weekends, they began building a software to help people find buses suiting them. At that point, they did not think of quitting jobs and it was simply a weekend project. The gamble worked as this site received over 100,000 hits and booked at least 500 tickets daily, encouraging bus providers to register with it.

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SafeMed, a San Diego based healthcare technology company has a bold vision of what the future of healthcare will look like. It’s a future where patients collaborate with their doctors to improve their own health. It’s a future where doctors go beyond simple information gathering on websites or databases to access insightful, patient-specific answers in seconds. And it’s a future that some TiE members are helping SafeMed to forge.

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In 2003, Alden DoRosario, Chitika’s co-founder and CTO along with Venkat Kolluri, CEO, noticed that advertisers were not yet paying attention to the opportunities in the “long tail web” comprising small to medium sized sites. Whereas, web logs (now known as blogs) were clearly being viewed as valuable unbiased information sources by online consumers. It was pretty much expected that advertisers will soon start re-directing their marketing budgets to focus more on web logs. However, at that point, there were no affordable solutions or services available in the market that small to medium sites could use to initiate advertising or e-commerce services on their sites. This prompted both DoRosario and Kolluri to recognize that small to medium websites will soon turn out to be the most lucrative arenas for online advertising.

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It all started when Manish Chandra and his wife Asha were remodeling their home in 2004. “The whole process of internet shopping and collaborating between us and the decorator was really painful. We forgot which store we liked and it was hard to discover new products on the web.” To make their lives easier as well as the lives of millions of others, Manish started Kaboodle, a social shopping community.






Stella, Vivienne and the Cucumba team are on a mission to transform a nation of stressed-out, overworked souls into pampered and polished people. The aim is to transform the industry through an innovative concept where the client simply buys treatments according to the time they need or their budget.


Cucumba started trading in September 2005. A lack of capital and low initial take- up of services meant near bankruptcy and closure in March 2006. Vivienne attended a TiE event in autumn 2006 and met charter member Stuart Nicol, who has become her mentor and advisor.



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